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C + B

Self-care products made with ethically sourced and mindfully selected essential oils for body and home.

Here at Courtney + Babes we are proudly apart of the Eco-Packaging Alliance, contributing  to global reforestation one tree at a time. Our stickers and tissue paper are created by noissue who produce sustainable packaging.


I finished my bottle of Irides a few weeks ago and ordered a different one from a local shop, out of convenience more than anything. My skin is now an itchy mess. Your oil is the bomb!!!! I need to reorder.


When my 8 week old daughter developed severe eczema, I tried all the over the counter blends, bath oils, washes and flare up creams I could buy. We went to the doctor and they ended up providing a steroid cream. It worked, but as soon as I stopped applying the cream the eczema would flare up and I didn’t want to be using something so harsh, so regularly on my baby. I ordered an eczema blend from Courtney + The Babes to try and within 3 days of use, the flare up had gone. I was thrilled to find something natural that made such a huge difference to my daughters skin. I recommend to everyone.


I apply Nectar (Organic Rosehip Oil) daily at bedtime to my hands, face, neck and chest. It's a lifesaver during Winter and at a time when hand washing is constantly happening. I've even seen a change in the darkness of my pigmentation. A beautiful, simple product everyone should have in their bathroom cabinet.


My love of crystals and essential oils began when I met Courtney at one of her workshops. Her passion for oils and crystals is obvious not only in the way she talks about them but in the way she selects, curates and creates with them. Cleanse and Deep Sleep roller blend are my 2 fav products. My active 3 yr old can't go to bed without applying her Deep Sleep blend. It creates a beautiful bedtime routine.


I have battled with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety for 3 years solid. After applying Chill Pill I ended up with my wrists near my face where I was breathing in the oils and I swear I could physically feel it entering my body and brain. I loved the feeling and calm that came over me. When I got in to bed and rolled the Deep Sleep on my feet and behind my neck, I can honestly say I haven’t slept so deeply in years. So, hats off to you amazing lady and heartfelt thanks.

C+TB stockist

My daughter has had eczema since she was born, over time it has gotten very bad and hard to manage. As a mum it's something that really gets me down, not being about to control it and ease my little babes discomfort. After trying cream after cream, steroid ointment and all those nasty things, I stumbled across Courtney and The Babes products. Let's be honest, it was the lush packaging that caught my attention first (heart eyes!) so I bought a roller of her eczema blend, honestly, desperate to try anything. 
Once I incorporated it into our daily routine, I watched her eczema sores decrease in size & severity before my eyes! They are almost now completely gone (which feels like a miracle to me 🙌🏼) It's made for a very happy mama and daughter.